The Sikh Vision of Heroic Life and Death

The Sikh Vision of Heroic Life and Death

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No of Pages 288. Writen By: Nirbhai Singh (Dr.), Patiala The book is a philosophical interpretation of the Sikh perspective on the heroic view of life and death based on the author’s own creative and original reflections. The leitmotiv of the book revolves round the Sikh heroic perspective on life and death in the existential societal situations. It tries to dig out the hidden meanings of the ciphers, locked up in The Sikh Canon – The Guru Granth. The ideal man of the Sikh faith, the gurmukh of the khalsa, is an embodiment of the Akalpurakh. The khalsa is knight of the Akalpurakh always ready to stake his life for eradicating evil in the world

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