1984 Lessons from History

1984 Lessons from History

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About Book: The traumas of 1984 were a culmination point of Centre-Sikh conflicts that began even before India's Independence and erupted into a chain of conflicts each weaving into the next one as years passed by. They were triggered by the Congress party's repudiation of its pre-independence promises to the Sikhs, complicated by total distrust of them and made more complex by its interventionist policies. The Centre-Sikh conflicts began to consume the state by the 1980s because by then the Congress party under the leadership of Indira Gandhi had set out to destroy institutionalised politics represented by the Akali Dal through a militant leaders, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.   Buy Original and High paper Quality Sikhism/ Punjabi / History Books at Affordable rates. We have wide varity of books in Punjabi, English and Hindi. . Our ehutty / store deliver Ounjabi / Sikh/ Sikhism products in India, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, USA, UK, United States, America, Germany, Australia, new zealand , UAE and other parts of the world. Your can expect delivery as delivered by stores near you /me.

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