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“Spreading Khushi”

Sikhism encourages to perform Seva or Selfless Service. This is not only good for community relations but also is good for the moral uplifting of the person.

Doing seva bring its own tranquillity and serenity which you cannot find in doing anything else. For a Sikh, simran and seva are the spiritual right and left hand. As a Sikh, you must do both to keep a balance. These are like the two wings of a bird - the bird must use both otherwise it will not be able to fly.

A Sikh has to make a concerted effort to seek opportunities to perform Seva. One has to focus ones mind on this duty and ones human function so that the opportunity of this life are not wasted.

Our initiative “Spreading Khushi” is to give back part of our earnings to the society. We have chosen Bhagat Puran Singh Pingalwara, Amritsar for giving the contribution. We intimate our customers after depositing the amount with Bhagat Puran Singh Pingalwara, Amritsar.