is an online store to provide Sikhism related goods and equipment, all over the World. We at have over 17 years experience in online business and ventured in from 13th April’2016.


Sale price of our products is competitive with retail prices in Amritsar and is lowest among all online portals. We are catalyst in this segment and have highest number of products. International shipping charges are expensive (especially after COVID), so you have an option to get the products delivered in India at no additional cost on orders above INR 1000/-. does not have a company owned production unit or showroom. Our mission has always been to work with village-based artisans across Punjab employing their skills and specialties, while keeping cost of operations low. This commitment will help preserve the tradition of Punjab and create employment opportunities in rural areas.


Reviews given by our customers are testimony of our service levels. We have improved our services levels, product segments and now we have Andriod and IOS mobile apps. Our average rating is 4.75 on scale of 5 and our Net promoter score is 86.4, which is best in this segment.


We belong to a Sikh family and upmost care has been taken while selecting the goods. We believe that none of our product gives a message which is against the fundamentals of Sikhism and Punjab. At the same time we are open for any change, if any of our products doesn’t go along with our brand’s name.




Sikhism encourages to perform Seva or Selfless Service. This is not only good for community relations but also is good for the moral upliftment of the person.


Doing seva bring its own tranquility and serenity which you cannot find in doing anything else. For a Sikh, simran and seva are the spiritual right and left hand. As a Sikh, you must do both to keep a balance. These are like the two wings of a bird - the bird must use both otherwise it will not be able to fly.


A Sikh has to make a concerted effort to seek opportunities to perform Seva. One has to focus ones mind on this duty and ones human function so that the opportunity of this life are not wasted.


Our initiative “Seva” is to give back part of our earnings to the society. We have chosen Gurudwara Shaheed Baba Harcharan Singh Ji (Village Varpal- Amritsar), for giving the contribution. In 1757, Babaji was part of an army of Baba Deep Singh Ji to defend the Golden Temple. The Sikhs and the Afghans clashed in the Battle of Amritsar on 13 November 1757, and in the ensuing conflict he was Martyered in the battle field, now in village Varpal. 


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