History of the sikh  By Hari Ram Gupta

History of the sikh By Hari Ram Gupta

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Buy Original and High paper Quality Sikhism/ Punjabi / History Books at Affordable rates. We have wide varity of books in Punjabi, English and Hindi. History of the Sikhs is a five-volume series dealing with alI aspects-religious, philo[1]sophical, political, military, social, economic, and cultural, and the contribution of Sikhism to world civilization, in particular to human rights, principles of liberty, equality and fraternity, and to the creed of democracy and secularism. The aim is to present a comprehensive view of the rise, growth and development of Sikh thought and action almost in every direction. The entire series is based on original contempo[1]rary sources in English, Gurmukhi, Hindi, Marathi, Persian, and Urdu known to exist in India and abroad.  This first volume gives the story of Ten Masters who provided leadership to the downtrodden people of the Punjab both in religious and political fields for about two centuries. Their aim was to remove the bitterness that had persisted between the rulers and their subjects for the past five hundred years. They wished to create a new society based upon mutual brotherhood, and freedom of thought, expression and action. It was under the circumstances almost an impossible task. But there is nothing like a dream to create the future. Utopia today, flesh and blood tomorrow. Man's onward march requires that the heights around him should be ablaze with noble and glorious deeds 0,[ valour and' self-sacrifice to serve as guiding lights. Such evolutionary and revolutionary models were furnished by Guru Arjan, Guru Tegh Bahadur, Guru Gobind Singh, and his four sons-Ajit Singh (18 years), Jujhar Singh (14 years), Zorawar Singh (8 years), and Fatah Singh (5 years)--as welI as by their numerous disciples like Bhais Mati Das, Sati Das, and Dayal Das. The main Jeatures of this book are: 'A critical appraisement of Guru Nanak's Janam Sakhis, justification for celebrating Guru Nanak's birthday in November in[1]stead of in April, Guru Nanak's compositions, Mardana's death at Baghdad, how Amritsar developed into a Sikh centre, Guru AIjan's martyrdom, why Guru Hargobind took to militarism, Guru Har Rae's residence at Nahan, Hukam Namas of Guru Tegh Bahadur, Guru Gobind Singh's formula of five into five, his literary works and Hukam Namas, Emperor Bahadur Shah's pious fraud, eminent personalities and instructions, impact of Gurus' teachings on Indian society, and why Jats became folIowers of Khatri Gurus. Professor Hari Ram Gupta, had his education at Lahore. He was a lecturer at Forman Christian ColIege, Lahore, Founder Principal of Vaish College, Bhiwani (1944), and Head of the Department of History of Aitchison College, Lahore. He served as Professor and Head of the Department of History, and Dean, University Instruction, Punjab University, Chandigarh. Later, he worked as Honorary Professor in the Department of History, University of Delhi. He has also been Honorary Professor of History at Dev Samaj Coliege for Women, Ferozpur, Punjab. . Our ehutty / store deliver Ounjabi / Sikh/ Sikhism products in India, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, USA, UK, United States, America, Germany, Australia, new zealand , UAE and other parts of the world. Your can expect delivery as delivered by stores near you /me.

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