Sweater - Hand Knitted

Sweater - Hand Knitted

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We make hand knitted sweaters for all age groups and genders. Its takes around 45 days to dispatch your order. If you have added multiple items in the cart, then you will be getting those in two different shipments. Sweaters are prepared on order and we give option to our customers to chose the colours. KhalsaStore promotes hand knitting livelihood opportunity for rural women in Amrisar. KhalsaStore enables them to work out of their homes producing quality Knitted items to keep the cold away. Hand knitted sweaters are durable than the factory made.Hand Knitted sweaters don’t get effected by regular wash and can be worn over the years. These Sweaters are very Soft, flexible, Warmer, Durable, Cost effective, unique designs, comfortable and easy to maintain. Use Mild Soap to wash Hand knitted sweaters and avoid washing in a machine. Don’t use dryer to dry the sweaters. We pride ourselves on our personal touch with every wool sweater handknit since 2016. Our commitment to authenticity and quality inspired hand knit wool sweaters has made Khalsastore.com as Most Favorite. Earlier Mother and Grand Mothers used to knit the sweaters but now due to constraint of time, this art is nowhardly available. . Our ehutty / store deliver Punjabi / Sikh/ Sikhism products in India, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, USA, UK, United States, America, Germany, Australia, new zealand , UAE and other parts of the world. Your can expect delivery as delivered by stores near you /me.

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