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Weight of Kara is approximately 221g. Readymade Karas are dispatched with 1-2 days. The Karas which are made on order, takes around 5-6 days to make. Weight of Kara depends on the size. Kara is made of Sarabloha and also available in Steel. A symbol of restraint and gentility. an emblem that a Sikh is linked to the Guru. It acts as a reminder that a Sikh mustn't do anything of which the Guru wouldn't approve. an emblem of God having no beginning or end. Kara depicts Infinity, with none beginning and end, being round in shape. because it is formed of Iron, it Depicts strength; and is cheapest metal, therefore depicts Humility. Kara is one in every of five articles of religion, collectively called Kakars that form the external visible symbols to obviously and outwardly display ones commitment and dedication to Sikhism. The Kara may be a constant reminder of the Sikh that he or she must perform righteous and true deeds and actions. The Kara is typically worn on the right hand although this has not been stipulated by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The basic kara could be a simple unadorned iron bracelet, but other forms exist. The kara originated as a protective ring to protect the sword arm of the Khalsa warriors during battle when fighting armed with swords. The one that wears kara has got to keep it clean, and to not remove it until it's an extreme requirement.

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